Tuesday, April 6, 2010

With Limits on Nukes, Obama Jeopardizes American Security

The Obama administration has proposed to implement a new policy on the use of nuclear weapons. It's "goal" according to the White House is to move toward a policy where the "sole purpose" for nuclear weapons will be to deter to or respond to a nuclear attack. Also proposed that the US may not respond with a nuclear weapon if a nation attacks the US with a biological or chemical attack if that nation is in compliance with the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

What this policy will essentially do is to make the US a target; an easy mark. By declaring that we will not strike first and by limiting the use of our nuclear weapons puts the US at a very great risk. This policy has the effect of making the US appear weak in the eyes of our enemies; thereby inviting attack. Obama's now painfully obvious dislike of this country and his leftist belief in moral relativism has now taken a most dangerous manifestation.

My hope is that country can survive until this man is out of office. He has yet again broken the oath he took to defend the United States and it's Constitution. If ever there was a need to impeach a US president, this is the time.