Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama: More Nuclear Power, More Off-Shore Drilling -- Not a Chance

Surprised by Obama's suddenly embracing the building of more nuclear power plants and to increase offshore drilling? Don't be. Another diversion from other issues such as his disastrous healthcare legislation, debt worries and 10%+ unemployment.

What Obama said in May:"I think we do have to look at nuclear, and what we've got to figure out is can we store the material properly? Can we make sure that they're secure? Can we deal with the expense?" Meaning: Forget about it; he will use environmentalist concerns as well as the subjective question of how secure is secure as far as waste storage to prevent the building of new plants indefinitely. Another lie, yet more half truths, another diversion; call it what you like. So, that along with the calling for increased funding for nuclear plants as he at the same time nixes funds for waste storage reveals Obama's true intentions.

As far as offshore drilling he proposed most recently; more of the same. He has urged Congress to move on the "climate change" bill. This includes cutting greenhouse gasses (including the harmless carbon dioxide) by 17% by the year 2020. Also in the works are new co2 emissions rules from the EPA. The Interior Department has already said that it will hold off any potential drilling with years of environmental studies on the eastern seaboard and outer continental shelf drilling. Meaning no more drilling for decades, if ever.

So whenever you think that Obama has moved a bit to the center, think again; it is yet more deception, of which, he is the master.