Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare: If They Can Screw it Up, They Will Screw it Up

A provision in the mammoth nightmare Obamacare bill is to cover children with preexisting medical conditions. It was discovered that this would not come into effect until 2014. The Obama administration scrambled today to do damage control and are now trying to do a quick fix. Gee, I guess NO ONE read the damn bill. That provision was one of the more highly touted aspects of this Titanic disaster of legislation; wait until it starts being implemented and see the monumental incompetence become our new reality. Yes, what our beloved government has done with Medicare they will do for Obamacare; the DMV-ification of the best healthcare system in the world has begun.

And guess what? We ALL get to pay for abortions. That Executive Order that the Prez signed; a pig in a poke: it's meaningless and worthless. An Executive Order cannot trump law and will not prevent Obamacare from funding abortions. Did the President not know this? Did the Democrats in Congress (including you Rep. Stupak, you big phony) not know this? Are they all that ignorant? No, just more lies and deception, they don't even try to hide it anymore; they don't have to, do they? With abortion now an entitlement and the mounting trillions of dollars of dept of Medicare and Medicaid; expect healthcare rationing. Let's all just call it what it is, this is "deathcare" and for now we're stuck with it.

Thanks again, Obama supporters!