Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Aftermath: The Left Won the Battle, But We Will Win the War

Obama seems to have achieved (at least for the time being) his socialized healthcare plan. We may have lost that fight, though one consolation was, finally now his seemingly endless deathcare propaganda campaign that Obama waged was at long last over. Think again. Apparently; Obama is planning a media blitz to boost the public's opinion of his healthcare monstrosity. Just what the doctor ordered; more mind numbing rhetoric from the campaigner and chief. The continued hard sell will begin immediately and continue on up to the November elections. Following that will be "several" years of the same as provisions gradually take effect. Yes, just when you thought the endless Obama hard sell on was over. So much for this administration to at least pretend to be address the looming issues on the economy and unemployment.

Now with another entitlement underway (pray for pending lawsuits to attempt to declare the bill unconstitutional will be successful) and the country drowning in debt from Medicaid and Medicare, expect taxes and fees to be popping up everywhere. Get ready for Democrats to attempt a VAT tax; a national sales tax, yet another fight on the horizon.

America is now uniting against the Obama agenda. Through all of this we have had some true leaders come into the forefront; Senator Eric Cantor, Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Michele Bachmann; politicians who are honest and intelligent who give us hope for America's future. Thanks to Rep. Bart Stupak for showing America the face of betrayal of the county while using the issue of abortion to try to save his damned office. Also hopefully gone is the concept of a "moderate" democrat. The Democrat Party has shown itself to be the party of socialist/ Marxist ideals that are 100% contrary to those of the founding fathers. They have made it very clear who and what they are. These statists will continue to ignore the will of the people and to use any method, no matter how low to achieve their agenda to transform this country into Obama's vision of a Marxist utopia. They must be stopped and they will be stopped.