Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama's Transformative "Change" Via Lies, Deceit and Corruption

With unemployment holding at over 10%; 22% if you include discouraged workers, with US debt (according to the US Debt Clock) at over 55 trillion dollars, why, oh why is the Obama administration so irrationally fixated on healthcare? We are ready to lose our AAA credit rating, what better way to ensure loosing it than by Congress voting in the most deceptive and fiscally irresponsible bill in world history? And by voting, I mean passing a bill by utilizing a little known maneuver. With China, Japan and others holding $8.5 trillion of our debt, Obama's obsession with healthcare will not exactly engender much faith in the stability of the US nor the dollar.

Apparently, Obama is now informing the Democrats in Congress that they are bound to loose their next election and they may as well go out with a bang, meaning, vote in this disaster and "save" his presidency. Kamikaze Democrats will go down in flames and will take Obama with them. Fine with him; he has said he'd rather be a 'good' one term president; for him the agenda is paramount.

This bill is a disaster from what little we actually know about it (with the Public Option soon to follow according to Senator Reid), Obama knows that if this doesn't pass, time is up on a healthcare takeover. It's not about healthcare, but a power grab of over 1/6 of the US economy's private sector; thereby raising US control by over 50%. More evidence of Cloward and Piven, where you bring on radical sweeping change by overloading and collapsing the country's present economic system. After this, expect amnesty for illegals and cap and tax to be strong armed by using the same politically corrupt and unconstitutional methods that we are witnessing today. As we heard during Bret Baier's great interview this week, Obama is not concerned with "procedural issues;" meaning; to hell with the US Constitution.

This bill will pass, they are pulling out all stops; Obama has postponed an Asia trip and Congress is working through the weekend to do whatever it takes to force this fiasco on a very angry America. Yes America, change is here; the sewer that is Chicago politics has made it's home in DC. Take a good look at your country folks, your president is about to "transform" it into the oblivion that is Marxism.