Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama's new trade war will ensure a depression

Obama's unnatural love of unions has led him to impose tariffs on imports of Chinese tires. This has led to China threatening action against US poultry and vehicles. These recent actions will escalate to an all out trade war with China as well as with other countries. Not so long ago, such protectionism helped to usher in the Great Depression in the 1930's.
Either Obama has no concept of capitalism or he is purposely working to collapse the US economy. But Obama is no fool, he cannot be this ignorant of either economics nor of history. All of this may cause China to call in our debts, thereby leading to the collapse of the dollar. By Obama orchestrating another attack on the US economy on yet another front would create an environment in which Obama can create his socialist utopia. With our economic system and capitalism destroyed the perfect storm will have been created for Obama to have his goals realized; a socialist system instituting the redistribution of wealth, the death of the middle class and a global economy with transnational boarders.
Remember during the Presidential campaign the words of an Obama supporter; 'we won't have to worry about paying our rent or putting gas in our tanks.' He will be the one who will save us; he promised change America and boy, is he delivering.