Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama poised to pass healthcare using budget maneuver

We protested Obama's big government socialist policies on September 12 as Obama made a hasty retreat from DC. Estimates range up to two million protesters had attended the rally, but don't expect Obama to comment on any of it; he has been always dismissive of any and all of his critics. Controlling health care has always been the top of his agenda and don't expect that to change. He and the Democrats play down any role of public option; but Obama has publicly called for it and as we have learned the hard way; he does what he says that he will do.
No matter the wording in the bill, once passed, private health insurers will not be able to compete with a government that will spend itself in oblivion in order to achieve it's goals. Expect abortion to be included in the package as well, in spite of what Obama and his gang tells us; remember, Obama was the most pro-abortion Senator prior to his being elected. Sorry, but Congressman Joe Wilson got it right; "You lie."
Unfortunately, protests don't matter; nothing his critics say matters to our Marxist in Chief, the arrogance of this narcissist is almost palatable. Expect any attempts to get the support of Republicans or "Blue Dog" Democrats to be dropped. Instead expect the Democrats to utilize the tactic of being "forced" into using the partisan budget tool, "reconciliation" to ensure passage of Obama's deathcare. This will enable them have the bill passed with a simple majority rather than the usual 60 votes. Under a bill passed earlier this year, the Democrats could invoke reconciliation on October 15.
So, Americans, forget Obama's previous calls for bipartisanship, he seemingly will stop at nothing to achieve his agenda. The American voters were fools who did not properly vet their candidate. Isn't buyer's remorse a bitch?