Saturday, September 19, 2009

Israel must move militarily before Iran receives Russia's S-300 missile defense system

Iran has purchased the Russian made S-300 surface to air missile defense system; a deal made several years ago according to Israel and is due to be delivered very soon. The S-300 system is reported to be one of the world's most advanced multi-target anti-aircraft missile systems and can track up to 100 targets simultaneously, capable of hitting targets at altitudes of 90,000 feet.
The Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, reportedly intercepted a ship traveling from Russia to Iran and was thought to be carrying S-300 missiles. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has made an unofficial visit to Moscow for talks that no doubt centered on the shipment of the S-300s. When asked, Netanyahu's reply was vague, stating that Israel "retains the right to defend itself" and that "ultimately, the job of the IAF is to provide security for the State of Israel and we know how to do this."
The embarrassingly weak and compromised Obama administration cannot be relied on for support; it has just thrown the Chez Republic as well as Poland under the bus; we can only expect the same treatment for Israel. In spite of the IAEA's claims that Iran is far from being capable of constructing a nuclear weapon, intelligence sources say otherwise. Knowing that, Ahmadinejad's many threats to destroy Israel and the S-300 deal underway, there are few options now open to Israel if it wishes to survive. Expect Israel to act and to act soon to use military action to take out the Iranian nuclear threat.