Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama, Pelosi and Reid: The Post-Election Delusions of the Left

Nancy Pelosi announced that she will be seeking a run for minority leader after the Republicans won control of the House. In a letter to her supporters she wrote: "Our work is far from finished. As a result of Tuesday’s election, the role of Democrats in the 112th Congress will change, but our commitment to serving the American people will not. We have no intention of allowing our great achievements to be rolled back. It is my hope that we can work in a bipartisan way to create jobs and strengthen the middle class." What "people" does she think that she is serving? Her approval rating in a CBS poll stands at pitiful 11 percent. The policies she has supported have decimated her party and most see her as a pathetic failure of a politician not to mention, a truly embarrassing pick for first woman Speaker of the House. The Republican National Committee has now replaced the enormous sign on the front of it's DC building from "Fire Pelosi!" to "Hire Pelosi!" Her "leadership" has done more damage to the Democratic Party than the Republicans ever dreamed of accomplishing. Her running for minority leader only verifies what I have always known; the poor thing is a certifiable dimwit.

Harry Reid; also seems disconnected from reality. His statement after somehow keeping his Senate seat said: "We are now starting to see things beginning to turn around as the measures we have taken continue to work. I remain convinced that by coming together Nevada’s future still is as bright as it has ever been." What in the hell is he talking about? Nevada's “actual” unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2010 increased to 22.3 percent! Reid's blind ideological support for policies have made Nevada a disaster and the United States a debtor nation of unimaginable proportions. He and his party have shackled our economy with trillions of dollars in debt for programs that are only a boon to himself and his cronies.

Saving the worst for last is Obama; our train wreak of a president. Following the mid-term election he said: "No one party will be able to dictate where we go from here." He is right about that; his "mandate" is over and his dictatorial method of governance is now mercifully ended.

On health care: "If Republicans have some ideas" for cutting costs of health care or making other changes in the bill, he said he would be glad to take a look. This jackass has repeatedly ignored and/ or dismissed all Republican proposals, most notably, the Roadmap for America's Future from Rep. Paul Ryan. And let us not forget the health care summit in Baltimore where Obama summarily rejected all proposals from the other side of the aisle.

Obama's reasoning for the Republican election tidal wave? "We did a poor job of explaining what we were trying to do." This irrational drivel from the man that gave 54 mind-numbing speeches in a failed effort to sell the American people on his 2,309 page healthcare monstrosity.

What are we to expect now? With the many successes of the mid-term elections now behind us, we have won the battle, but the war still rages. We still have the above mentioned ideologues in power, albeit diminished. They still fully intend to "transform" America by running it off the Socialist cliff. Their agenda blinds them to reality; in their minds, it is the American people that just don't get it. Our rejection of them and their policies only proves to them how stupid we really are. You see, for Reid, Pelosi and Obama, denial truly is just a river in Egypt.