Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama and the Left's Appeasement to Radical Islam and Why It Will Not End Well

Obama and the Left both here in America and abroad have caved in to, bowed and scraped and have appeased radical Islam to such an extent it has become their norm rather than the isolated incident. The worst case of late is the Obama administration's obscene lack of a strong, appropriate response to the people of Iran's mass pro-democracy demonstrations. In what was the bravest example in recent memory of a nations people's attempt to a brutal, fanatical and totalitarian regime. Perhaps the Obama administration was simply once again, merely classless; though the more likely reason would be a "Carteresqe" response to thugs and terrorists; appeasing you enemies coupled with inaction and empty threats. Not only has this method been proven throughout history as ineffective, it also casts the appeaser as weak, incompetent and worst of all an easy target.

As far as the left, one only needs to look to NPR's buffoonish response to one of it's host/ journalists, Juan Williams. Mr. Williams made a rather innocuous statement in regards to Muslims and radical Islam. Aside from NPR's well known disapproval of it's staff working as contributors to Fox News, what seemed to have been the tipping point here was the stink raised by CAIR the front group for radical Isalm that masquerades as a Muslim advocacy non-profit (The good news here is that CAIR's involvement in Williams' firing may be violation of Foreign Agents Registration Act). Here is a glaring example of the Left's automatically siding with America's enemies regardless of outcome or how it may be perceived.

Obama and the Left have much in common with radical Islam; an unholy alliance that will bring only backfire on these useful idiots. Examples of the radical Left's siding with America and the free world's enemies abound: supporting Communism during the cold war, Naom Chomsky's support of Hezbollah, Cindy Sheehan and her solidarity of support to the Taliban, Jimmy Carter embracing terrorists in Gaza, "activists" supporting the Flotillas in Gaza, to name but a few.

Why support and admire your enemies that would gladly behead you? Because the left hates America just as much as our enemies do. The left has suicidal obsession with adversary cultures and totalitarian regimes. The radical Left's ultimate goal is to create a Leftist utopia; both they and radical Islam hate the West and all it represents. This is their common bond; their enemy is essentially the same; only one has a socialist vision, the other, one of a global Islamist state. The both hate free democracies and they share the common goal; to create global destruction and build anew from those ashes (see the Cloward and Piven Strategy). A bit like "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" only the left often acts on emotion rather than in a more reasoned way.

If we Americans loose this nation to the Left and Obama's twisted Marxist vision; who then wins? Will it be the radical Left or the radical Islamists? This is a question that Left hasn't pondered, let alone answer; this it seems to be their delusional, suicidal mission's Achilles heel. Once the joint mission of the West's destruction is achieved, the Left's role as the useful idiot is eventually culminated and is played out. Here, the left meets it's nemesis: just as they conquer their foe; Democracy and Capitalism, they will then meet their own destruction when their "ally" finally turns on them. The pacifistic left has never fought a battle and has never won a war; let along of the one of the magnitude the war on radical Islam presents.

This is why we must fight to keep our nation out of the hands of those who seek to destroy it. With the past midterm elections, we Conservatives have won a decisive battle, but it is just a start. 22 of the 46 "Blue Dog" Democrats were voted out, the result; the Democrat party will now be composed almost exclusively of the radical left. Only Conservatism can save the Republic; any extended rule by the radical left in this country will only guarantee it's eventual downfall. Such political philosophy does not bring strength and prosperity, it only brings reliance on entitlements, bloated governments and failed states. Just look to Iceland, Greece and France, countries which are on the verge of collapse. By embracing "diversity" rather than preserving and protecting it's own cultures, the European continent will be predominantly Muslim by the year 2050.

And so the fight continues.