Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama and Holder: The Deplorable Use of Race to Divide and "Transform" America

The Obama administration and it's Justice Department have chosen not to pursue prosecution of the New Black Panthers on voter intimidation charges; this decision is quite telling, as is the accusations coming from a DOJ whistle blower. An attorney on the case, J. Christian Adams has accused the DOJ of racial bias for dropping charges against the New Black Panther Party and that "It (the DOA) will only pursue cases with minority victims" You can bet your life that if the roles were reversed and it was a white activist group intimidating black voters, the DOJ would be all over it. With Arizona's anti-illegal immigration bill, Holder's DOJ is planning to sue that state on the grounds of racial profiling. Nevermind the fact that the bill mirrors federal laws and specifically prohibits profiling; this administration can't seem to control itself where race is concerned.

More recent is Holder's DOJ opening a probe to investigate the shooting of Oscar Grant, a black 22 year old by a white former San Francisco BART transit officer, Johannes Mehserle. The shooter claimed that in the confusion of the arrest of Grant, the officer accidentally grabbed his gun instead of his teaser and fired. The jury believed Mr. Mehserle's story and determined that his actions were criminally negligent and could be given to up to 14 years; not exactly a light sentence. Now the DOJ is investigating to see if Grant's civil rights were violated, if so, that would mean even more jail time for Mehserle. The shooting was obviously a horrible mistake and not murder. Why would the officer, for whatever reason, shoot a suspect, who was lying face down and unarmed in the back? Moreover, the shooting was done in front of a crowd witnesses with camera phones running and with other transit officers at the scene. It's ridiculous for anyone to reach the conclusion that this was a deliberate murder. But, not for Obama and his Attorney General.

Here again, reverse the roles with a black perpetrator and a white victim; there is no way in hell that the DOJ would spend a second contemplating an investigation in such a case. It appears he Obama administration whether consciously or unconsciously, is obsessed with race and racism (both real and imagined)and is using reverse racism to redress our country's history regarding race and it's social inadequacies. It is a very disturbing realization that our first black/ half black president is so damaged and resentful that he has taken to attacking the very country where the majority elected him. During the Obama campaign, we had plenty of warning signs that this man had more than a few problems in the area of race, with his association with contemptible Rev. Jeremiah Wright being the more obvious. We are a nation that elected a man who used his race and manipulated America's "white guilt" to get elected, all with the grand promises of bringing the races and the country together. We are now suffering under the reign of a resentful neo-Marxist who has proven to be the most polarizing president that we have had in generations, perhaps ever. Of all the many things that Obama has done to damage and malevolently transform this nation, his use of race to divide America in order to achieve his agenda is without a doubt the sickest, the most deplorable and the most disturbing.