Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NAACP Attacking Tea Parties, Pushing the Obama Agenda and Dividing America

The NAACP has now taken to attacking the Tea Party movement and calling the group racist. Yet again, when the left (and the NACCP is now definitely a leftist organization) cannot win an augment based on facts, it resorts to mudslinging and slander. Apparently they never hear of Andrew Breitbart's challenge of an offer of $100,000 to anyone that could produce any proof of racial slurs (the N word, specifically) being hurled at a recent DC Tea Party rally.

A look on the NAACP website carries a denouncement of the Oscar Grant verdict, a case where there was no evidence of the tragic killing being a deliberate act(see the posting of July 11 on this blog). The jury deliberated and gave the accused a very stiff sentence; not enough for the NAACP, nor Holder's DOJ for that matter. The NAACP has also issued a legal challenge to the Arizona "racial profiling law" as the NAACP calls it. Just more race baiting which ironically, again mirrors the recent actions of Holder's DOJ.

The NAACP endorses the Cap and Trade legislation, won't denounce the New Black Panther's racist remarks nor their illegal actions of voter intimidation during the last presidential election. The NAACP adopted a resolution condemning state Attorney Generals' lawsuits against Obamacare. Maybe worst of all, the NAACP supports taxpayer funding for abortion; just like surprise, Obama. On average 1,876 black babies are aborted each year in the United States, over 13 million sicce 1973.

The NAACP long ago ceased being a relevant civil rights organization (their curious use of the antiquated term "Colored" only bemoans this fact. This organization has now become just another radical leftist group that blindly supports ANY legislation and ANY position of the Obama Administration. One wonders what more does the NAACP need to do in order to have it's tax exempt status revoked?