Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr. Obama, looking for an 'ass to kick'? Look in the mirror

With the abysmal handling of the gulf coast oil spill (as with so many things), one may start to rethink Obama's aptitude for the job. Perhaps he wasn't acting "Presidential" when he hoped to "kick some ass", yet in retrospect it wasn't a good idea for him to do a lot of things. Though, was it a "good Idea" for our country to elect a community organizer and part-time professor to the highest office in the land? Perhaps not, but not so with the fully indoctrinated; all is good. Any mention to my leftist friends that perhaps their man is a "walking, breathing train wreck", or, is "pathetically and horrifyingly out of his league" or is , "the most God-awful president in US history since Carter" are met with scowls, shock and horror. Go figure!

His attempt to turn our country into a clone of the failed and nearly bankrupt European state is to the untrained eye beyond perplexing. I suppose he is so profound in his divine wisdom as an ex part-time professor, that this gives him a leg up on perfecting this road to economic hell. In his wisdom, his cabinet, are similarly made up of those with the same twisted mindset of academia. Luckily for all of us they are apparently giving him all the delusional support that he desires and seems to need so badly. Good for them!

Lucky for we, the stupid masses, Obama is massively growing the economy in an apparent attempt to collapse it (see the writings of those wacky numbskulls that are Cloward and Piven!). Also, we should all get on our knees to Obama for throwing a wreaking ball into the greatest healthcare system the world has ever seen (oh, don't worry about that required rationing that follows every other such entitlement that has been instituted worldwide). And, never mind that he is still out there selling the abomination; so stupid the American public is! One would think that something so glorious would sell itself. Apparently not; but, not to worry; Barry knows best!

Old allies (allies prior to our man Barry, anyway) are now on the outs of his administration and old enemies are given preferred, even gracious treatment. Israel (with whom he stands up for about as often as he does his own county; supposedly the US) is now facing mounting threats from two fronts, the freedom loving Iranian backed Hamas and Hezbollah. Also, North Korea sinks a South Korean ship with hardly a word. Attempted attacks are on the rise inside the US, with their success only prevented due to chance and happenstance. I could go on, but I don't have all night here. But, hey, don'tcha all feel safer?

Not to worry, there is more to come on Barry's political horizon. Next is the US economy's dagger to it's heart, "Cap and Trade". Secure the border? No, better to trash Arizona that only seeks to enforce the non-enforced federal law. Yes, much better we pit state against state and promote statewide boycotts. It's OK folks, Barry likes the amnesty, his party needs the votes; that should be enough for you. If you don't like it, move to Mexico. That is if you can get around Mexico's nasty and punitive immigration laws.

I don't know what kind of society that the messiah Barry is trying to usher in, but so far it looks like our Founder's worst nightmare. But, not to worry Americans, Barry is out there swearing like a sailor. Yes, his shallow attempt to try to fool the masses that he is a president with a backbone and that he possesses the fury to protect a country that he has great contempt for is surely a sight for sore eyes.

What has been a national embarrassment has now morphed into our own national nightmare as well as a worldwide menace. Some of us chose to elect a man with no experience and with a background that would not even allow him to be employed in the Department of Secret Service that protects him. Yes, Barry, if you are looking for an ass to kick, just look in the mirror. And we thought Carter was bad. Only two more years folks, two more years; come on, what more could happen?

Yes, what could happen?