Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Oppose the Mosque at "Ground Zero"

Numerous ACT! for America members, as well as leaders of Stop Islamization of America (SOIA), and many other concerned citizens, attended the Community Board 1 meeting in lower Manhattan regarding the proposed “ground zero mosque.”

From the report we received from one ACT! for America member, we agree with the posting at Jihad Watch—the fix was in.

Opponents of the mosque were repeatedly attacked as racists and bigots. No surprise there. By now we all know this is the standard form of propaganda used to avoid discussion of facts in the hope of suppressing free speech.

One board member said it would not be a mosque but a “cultural community center.” Imam Abdul Rauf implied this as well, avoiding using the word “mosque.”

However, Daisy Khan, the imam’s wife, undercut this assertion when she said “there are 200 mosques in New York, what’s the problem with another?”

In a letter distributed at the meeting Manhattan’s Borough president applauded the “multi-faith dialogue” that would take place at the “community and cultural center.”

Yet Khan showed a Power Point presentation that contained one very illuminating message—that the proposed Islamic center would help in the integration of non-Muslims.

Does that sound conducive to “multi-faith dialogue” to you?

Our ACT! for America member reported that Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of the jet that crashed into the Pentagon, pointed out that the Islamic center is intended to be “sharia compliant.”

Have you ever heard of a “cultural community center” that is sharia compliant?

In the end the board voted 29 to 9 in favor of the mosque. However, the board has no actual power or authority in this matter. So this is not a done deal.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg needs to hear from concerned citizens across America that we are standing with the families of the victims of 9/11, that in deference to their memory this mosque should be located elsewhere and not at ground zero.

If you haven’t already done so, please add your name to the over 35,000 people who’ve signed our petition opposing the “ground zero mosque.” Remember, only your name and state will be included on the petition: