Monday, October 19, 2009

Fox News; White House Enemy #1

Forget Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran and any and all other national and international issues; Obama's White House has the real enemy in it's sights, a US cable network - Fox News. Not surprising; Obama's Communications Director Anita Dunn has recently shared with a high school audience of all people (gotta get em while they're young!) that her philosophical idol is no other than Mao Tse Tung. Now who could fault her for looking up to a genocidal maniac that slaughtered 70 million of his own people? Certainly not her boss; she fits right in with his staff who consist of Marxists, Communists, socialists and assorted Chicago thugs. How comforting that this White House has it's priorities straight.
Is it possible that the Obama White House never heard about Nixon's vendetta on the New York Times and how well that went, or this is all one big distraction? Is it possible, perhaps that this is all a smokescreen to distract us all from the Democrats' grab for additional power via the Obama deathcare with the public option? Or could it be a method of relieving the pressure to do ANYTHING in regards to Afghanistan? Well, whatever the strategy or lack thereof, this country is now going down several paths that should be alarming to anyone who is even halfway paying attention to this White House and all that is has been up to since January.
By so blatantly attacking one of this administration's most visible detractors does nothing lessen the huge divide between the left and the right; though, clearly that was never an actual goal of this presidency. By gaining control of the banking system, car companies, health care, the energy sectors with cap and trade; through controlling and regulating as many possible sectors of the economy along with amnesty for illegals in order to insure the votes, Obama's transformation of America will be realized.
Fox News, along with the internet and talk radio are the only sources that we the people have to go to in order to get the truth, to connect, to organize and to resist this Marxist administration. Time will see who will prevail; but it seems their plan would have more easily realized had they silenced the media first. Luckily, is seems even the great Obama has his Achilles heel. Thank God for that.