Thursday, September 3, 2009

With Increased Control of Public Schools, Obama's Indoctrination Begins

With the Obama administration newest effort to control our lives; his video address to our schools, and now this video it is now official: the goal of our public schools is no longer education, but indoctrination. Obama's September 8th speech to our nation's public school children was the first of no doubt many other efforts to create a separation between children and their parents. Allegiance to one's parents will be instead replaced with a "higher" cause; the global community (with emphasis on radical environmentalism, "global climate crisis" and the like) and of course, allegiance to their exalted leader. With calls for our children to "help" Obama and focusing on "what the president wants us to do" and writing letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president, the indoctrination begins in earnest.
To totally transform society requires life as we know it to be reshaped. Already underway is the destruction of our government and our economy. Thanks to the destructive agenda of the Department of Education, what little American and world history that has been taught has been purposely corrupted. Nearly gone are the reference to God, allegiance to country, personal freedom, the Founding Fathers; any and all remnants of our true heritage has either be radically changed or just not referenced at all.
This quote sums it all up nicely: “We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary outcome of education” a quote from Dr. Shirley McCune stated in a 1989 Governor’s Conference on Education. Our public schools are no longer places of learning so much as a tool of our new Marxist government to mold the young and impressionable in order to more easily control the population.
If you still have your children in the public school system, you leave them there at their peril. Theirs as well as America's.