Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fraudulent Reinvention of Ted Kennedy

Enough already with the endless media glorification of Ted Kennedy as some great American statesman and with the dredging up for one last merciful time, the mythical "Camelot." Instead, let us remember Ted for what he was; a coward and murderer. 40 years ago while intoxicated, Ted drove a colleague Mary Jo Kopechne from an all night coed bachelor party. Kennedy crashed his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick in Martha’s Vineyard into the water. He managed to escape and was for whatever reason, did not or could not rescue Mary Jo. Instead he swam across the bay to his apartment, called his lawyer and proceeded to wait ten hours until he finally was sober enough not to have failed any drunk test; thereby escaping any possibility of being charged with felony murder. He in the end was not charged for any crime, he also avoided a lawsuit for negligent homicide by paying off Mary Jo's family with an undisclosed sum.
When the authorities recovered Mary Jo's it was apparent that she was still alive after the car reached the bottom of the water; she was found with her head in the last remaining air pocket, as she struggled to survive.
I say, screw Ted Kennedy and his memory. Let he be remembered for what he was; a privileged, cowardly murderer. One good thing about his death; at least he will have to finally answer to a higher authority for his crimes and Mary Jo will finally receive perhaps, some form of justice. Ted's money, influence and position cannot help him now.