Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Wall Street Mob And Obama's Agenda

The Wall Street protesters gone wild have for the most part been devoid of any intelligible, coherent message, let alone any rational means of remedy. Yet, there have been a few legitimate complaints. Record unemployment and stagnant middle class wages, do warrant attention. What these protests will ever or could ever achieve is debatable as their anger is misplaced. It has been the Obama administration's polices that have drastically worsened the nation's economy, worsened unemployment and have enabled Wall Street corruption. Many of Obama’s senior advisers have ties with Wall Street and Obama was the largest recipient of Wall Street donations. Obama has received more financially support from Wall Street than all of the GOP presidential candidates put together, in fact, Obama has received more Wall Street money than any other politician in the last 20 years. In spite of all the protesting, he is not about to give that up; prior to announcing his re-election campaign, Obama met with over two dozen Wall Street executives, many of them previous donors, in the White House’s Blue Room. Mort Zuckerman, Democrat and NY based real estate/ newspaper mogul when asked about the Wall Street mob, said that "the door to it was opened by the Obama administration, going after the 'millionaires and billionaires' as if everybody is a millionaire and a billionaire and they didn't earn it. . . . To fan that flame of populist anger I think is very divisive and very dangerous for this country." However, Obama's strategy to divide the nation via this "movement" will fail.

The tea party movement has tapped into the political process and and is having a real impact on policy decisions in Washington. Some Democrats have supported the Wall Street movement, a shortsighted move at best. The Wall Street mob movement has now being endorsed and/ or supported by the American Nazi Party, Hamas, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (which has been linked to numerous terror groups), Iran's Ayatollah and supreme leader Ayatollah (who said that the demonstrations will ultimately bring down West), among other America haters. Hard to envision any reasoned American getting behind any politician or party supporting such subversives.

Also present (and documented) at these protests, pro-Marxist signs, Anti-Semitic rants, protesters singing ‘F*** the U.S.A,’ the calls for destruction of capitalism and the collapse of America; again, not an agenda that is going to attract any rational voters. But the Left is not encumbered by reason or common sense, never have, really. Slander, race-baiting and mob rule tactics are the sort of political tactics the Left fancies. A White House spokesman announced that Obama intends to make sure that the "interests of 99 percent of Americans are well represented," '99 percent' being a divisive slogan used to separate the classes. Anything to divert attention from Solendra's half billion dollar debacle, the Fast and Furious scandal and Obama's other failures.

So, now with Obama stupidly showing his true ideology by deciding to turn the anger expressed by the lunatic fringe into a central tenet of his reelection strategy against Republicans, his defeat is now sealed. Way to go Barry.