Monday, September 26, 2011

The Left's Destruction of Marriage: The Expansion of Poverty, Immorality and Dependence

Poverty by design has been an appalling tactic of the Left in order to expand their base and stay in power, no matter the cost to American society. This year the US Census Bureau reported 46.2 million Americans are now living below the official poverty line, up from 44 million in 2010; an increase of 2.2 million Americans in just one year. In California, total funding for K‑12 education is projected to be $63.8 billion in 2011‑12. California 2010 average of $9,863 per student ranks 23rd among U.S. states in per-pupil spending on public education, below the national average of $10,259. The more money thrown at it, the worse it gets; Of 30 comparable countries, the United States ranks near the bottom. ... 2010, For instance, math - Finland is first, followed by South Korea, and the United States is number 25. Is spending per student a factor? No; $129,000 from K through 12. The other countries average $95,000. Everything the government touches turns to crap (with the incompetent decision of the $535 million government-backed loans to Solyndra being the latest example) and education is no exception. With public education, teachers, for the most part, are not paid on merit, but tenure. Any enterprise that is able to exist without competition and with performance of it's workers not ranked or monitored, simply cannot thrive, let alone improve it's product.

The Left's single most focus as far as education is the support and expansion of the teacher's unions. Teachers unions contribute 95 percent of their funds to Democrats, In 2008, unions spent $74.5 million in campaign contributions, with $68.3 million going to the Democratic Party. While expanding their numbers on every level; local, county, state and federal, they are able to expand their influence via the vast sums of cash from teacher's unions.

The idea that a lack of education is the overriding cause of poverty; every student is taught that by not graduating from high school, the chance of succeeding in life is diminished considerably. What is not mentioned and taught is that having a baby outside of marriage is just as much a determinant of living a life of poverty. Any talk of heterosexual marriage being the better choice is almost hate speech; we must spare "feelings," no matter how factually incorrect. Unwed childbearing has risen from 6.3 percent of all births in 1964, when President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty, to more than 40 percent today. Welfare enabled and encouraged this behavior and today, single-parent families with children are six times more likely to be poor than are married couples with kids. Those on welfare overwhelming vote Democrat and what this has bred is a forever expanding welfare state by design. A very sick method of expanding party ranks, but it works like a charm; for what fool that is collecting welfare would vote against the welfare party?

So, traditional marriage is not encouraged and single motherhood is now embraced as a choice that is just as noble, just as desirable as traditional marriage. Along those same lines, differences between males and females are discounted; marriages between two mommies or two daddies. What is now taught in our schools is that child born to a marriage between a man and a woman is no longer the norm, let along the best choice. Single motherhood, whoever, whatever all are equal; men are necessary for conception, but otherwise unnecessary. The public school system is brainwashing our children by selective censoring information and by peddling moral relativism. So, it's screw the numbers, screw the statistics and screw society. If you have children in the public school system, beware. Better yet, get them out.