Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9/11 Pennsylvania Memorial Will Also Mark Islamic Victory

As the world is focused on the proposed Islamic center/mosque at the Ground Zero site in Lower Manhattan, work on continues on another controversial project in Pennsylvania. The memorial for the 40 crew and passenger that died on September 11 while attempting to take control of United Airlines flight 93, which the hijackers intended to crash into either the White House or the Capitol Building.

The controversy of the Pennsylvania memorial named The Crescent of Embrace, involves the section of the memorial; the Memorial Pathway that is virtually identical to the Islamic crescent, moon and star symbol, which to believers, signifies divinity, sovereignty and victory. As the proposed mosque project at the World Trade Center site would denote an Islamic victory, so does the design of the Flight 93 memorial. One other disturbing fact is that the crescent points where? To Mecca.

There has been some outcry demanding the crescent design be stricken from the memorial. The Park Service at first dismissed these concerns, proposed minor changes, but the design still remains basically the same. The Crescent of Embrace, some theorize is designed to be the world's largest mosque. In an attempt by the Park Service to silence critics, Muslim scholars were brought in as consultants but they gave at best dishonest explanations and excuses; such that the sheer size of the proposed crescent, somehow made it irrelevant.

Another offensive aspect of the Pennsylvania memorial are the proposed glass panels each to commemorate the individual victims of the crash. How many? 44; meaning the terrorists are also to be memorialized. Park Service representatives have denied this claim, but they have proven to be less than truthful in regards to the other concerns of this project.

It is obvious that this memorial itself is being essentially hijacked by our enemies, so that it will be a "victory mosque" symbolizing Islam's dominion over it's enemies just as the proposed project on Park Place in Lower Manhattan will be. As this project grows closer to it's completion date, it is essential that we Americans take back this memorial and deny Islam fanatics another win.

Petition to call for Congressional investigation of Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial: