Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama in Las Vegas to support Reid; another Democrat campaign torpedoed

Obama arrived in Las Vegas, snubbed by Las Vegas' mayor Oscar Goodman because of our president's habit of knocking the gambling mecca in the midst of a recession. Obama arrived armed with a hefty bribe for Nevada voters; part of $1.5 billion (money that we, of course, do not have) for help to finance agencies in the five hardest-hit states in the housing crisis. Obama will be in both campaign and townhall mode; anything to get away from his duties in the White House for which he is proving to be so dangerously inadequate.
Obama is to campaign in Vegas for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is behind in the polls. Will Obama's time in Las Vegas be helpful to Reid's re-election bid? Doubtful. Obama's endorsements have seemingly become of late the kiss of death to all Democrat campaigns that he touches. With Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts all being recent Republican victories, Obama's "help" for Harry Reid may follow those previous examples of Obama's support; his presence acting as a torpedo for floundering incumbent Democrat campaigns. My guess is that Obama's pathologically large ego is not allowing him to embrace this reality and those in his cabinet are too fearful and/ or cowardly to broach the subject.
With that, conservatives should now pray that our president will next pull out all the stops for California's Barbara Boxer.
Go Barry go!