Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terror Trials in NYC; Obama's Perverse Priorities

Many of our heads are still reeling over Attorney General Holder's asinine announcement to bring self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his accomplices to New York City to face a civil trial, rather than have them face the clearly more appropriate venue of a military tribunal. This is truly a slap in the face for all relatives of the victims of 9/11 that were slaughtered by these bastards. A letter to the President on Keep America Safe; is a well crafted argument in favor of military tribunals that I urge all to sign. Look to the end of the letter and see the scores of surviving family members from that awful day, many indicating what building and floor, which aircraft; quite moving and a reminder of what unnecessary emotional harm this callous decision will inflict on those that have already suffered enough.
The main argument from this administration seems to be some bizarre opinion that we as a nation need to show the world "we trust" our justice system and the equally idiotic idea that these terrorists need to be tried in the vicinity of where the crimes took place. Why not hold the trials in the field of Pennsylvania? It makes as much sense.
This along with the reality that it will give the terrorists a forum from which to grandstand and no doubt recruit. American intelligence will be put on trial; the tactics used will be put before the world as well as other sensitive intelligence that will be subpoenaed.
What of a jury of their peers? No doubt a Muslim or two will "need" to be put on the jury and it only takes one dissenting vote to cause a mistrial. Also, who in their right mind would volunteer to be a juror on this trial, let alone being the judge? A fatwa should be expected by all and possibly their families, regardless of the final verdicts.
Of course the defense attorneys will leave no stone unturned to prevent any and all evidence to be presented; at the time of their capture none of these terrorists were expected in any one's wildest dreams to face a U.S. civil trial. Because of this, no Miranda rights were read, interrogation tactics may be ruled unconstitutional, much of the evidence will be thrown out as inadmissible. It will be a circus and it will be a long, costly, embarrassing disaster to the nation.
And for what? So Obama can prove to the world that he has transformed America into some kinder, gentler country? Maybe. But, I think the deep underlying motivation here is to stick it to Bush and especially to Cheney; what with his many, on-target criticisms of the Obama administration. This thin-skinned, vindictive administration wants it's revenge; holding these trials in the U.S. would enable the prosecution to put on trial, yes, the terrorists, but, more importantly to the Obama administration; to stick it to Bush and to stick it to Cheney and of course; the CIA. In the minds of the Obama administration, they are the real enemies here, not the terrorists.