Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holder Planning CIA Investigation: Obama Administration Jeopardizing American Security

According to the Los Angeles Times (8/9/2009), Attorney General Holder is actively seeking a special prosecutor in preparation for his probe of the CIA regarding alleged abuse during interrogations of terror suspects. What Holder would be investigating would be whether the Bush Administration lawfully interpreted anti-torture laws. This would be a blatant attack against the Bush Administration; a kind of post Presidential impeachment. An investigation of this kind would most likely lead nowhere, alleged evidence is poor and the legality of such a prosecution is untested. In addition, intelligence officials were acting in a manner that they deemed appropriate and necessary to keep America safe following 9/11. An investigation of interrogation of al- Qaeda detainees would reap no benefits, as these procedures have since been changed.
If this administration continues along this unwise, partisan and dangerous path, US security will ultimately suffer. Ongoing intelligence investigations would suffer if there would be a cloud of investigation and possible prosecution hovering over them. This collateral damage to US intelligence would no doubt be severe and long lasting. One may ask why this administration so much more driven to prosecute US soldiers and CIA operatives than it is with terrorists that are actively seeking to destroy us.